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Does fear holds you back from sharing your faith to unbelievers? Do you often desire to share Christ but don’t know where to start? Does “missions” sound remote to you? Do you dread getting involved in missions?

MiSSiONgame is a simulation program developed by LifeIMPACT Ministries in partnership with Wycliffe Singapore. It aims to provide a creative approach to TRAIN Christians on evangelism & missions, to EXPERIENCE the process of preparing & participating in missions and to be MOTIVATED to reach lost souls.

A simulated city environment is set up for the participants to practice lifestyle evangelism, as well as a foreign city with a different language & culture for them to experience missions.  Participants will face the tension of balancing their career, family obligations, personal spiritual growth, church commitment, and also the call to missions. The workplace & marketplace also present to them opportunities to reach out to the unbelievers which will be role-played by volunteers.

Just as Jesus says in Acts 1:8, “…you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth,” the participants can also go on missions to a foreign land. They will encounter a variety of challenges commonly faced by missionaries along with the joy & excitement of reaching lives for Christ.

Participants will discover how they can invest their time, talents & treasures into God’s kingdom as they pray for missions, pledge towards missions, prepare themselves for mission and participate directly in missions. Then at the final roll-call, participants will stand before their Master to give an account of their lives.

In summary, MISSIONgame provides a platform for Christians to:
1. Overcome the fear of sharing Christ.
2. Practice lifestyle evangelism.
3. Discover missions through praying, pledging, preparing & participating.

4. Realize the urgency to share the gospel.

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