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Based on Pastor Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Church, the Purpose Driven™ CHURCHgame™ is designed to teach balanced church growth principles in a creative way. By playing the game, the participants can discover for themselves the BIG picture of a healthy church and how each principle contributes towards the overall growth process. It also provides a platform for players to experiment with varies strategies and experience the possible outcome before applying them in the real church setting. Church Growth & Health Principles that can be discovered in the game:

  • The 5 New Testament church purposes (worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, & evangelism).

  • The importance of setting priorities.

  • Strategic planning for short term & long term growth.

  • Understand the connection between the 5 purposes & they affect growth.

  • Correlation between quality & quantity growth.

  • Personal Christian habits that will affect church health.

  • Evangelizing community unbelievers & bridging them to church.

  • Discipling believers into ministers & messengers.

  • Discovering individual S.H.A.P.E for church ministry.

  • Handling the difficulties caused by “lukewarm” Christians.

  • Managing church finances--tithing & offering, staff salaries, ministries & maintenance expenditures.

  • Planning for church expansion to cater for growth.

  • Recording & evaluating growth progress.

  • Recruiting & training full-time workers & pastors in seminary.

  • Setting up pastoral team for effective teamwork.

  • Fencing off spiritual attacks on the church.

  • ...plus many church growth principles to be discovered.

Since it’s development in 2000, the PurposeDriven CHURCHgame™ has been played by more than 2,000 persons from different walks of life—lay members, church leaders, trainers, pastors, missionaries, seminary students & professors. Recommended by Pastor Rick Warren, this PurposeDriven™ CHURCHgame™ serves as a church training tool for motivating & mobilizing members creatively towards the fulfillment of Christ’s Great Commandment & Great Commission.

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